DIO Trilogy - Tribute to the Music of Ronnie James Dio

Dio Trilogy are the UK's tribute to the Music of Ronnie James Dio and as the name suggests our live performances are based on Dio's career panning three eras from  Rainbow , Black Sabbath  and Dio but  don't be surprised if we do include material from Elf and Heaven and Hell as well.

Graham Knight - Tavistock - UK - March 2012


Graham Knight - Stourbridge - UK - November 2011



Ronnie James Dio 1942 - 2010

On the 16th May 2010 Ronnie James Dio passed away and the world of music mourned the loss of the greatest voice of heavy metal Dio was a truly iconic figure in music, whose work with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and most recently Heaven & Hell defined a genre.

"Rolling Stone magazine eulogized Dio with these words:

"It wasn't just his mighty pipes that made him Ronnie James Dio — it was his moral fervor...what always stood out was Dio's raging compassion for the lost rock & roll children in his audience. Dio never pretended to be one of the kids — he sang as an adult assuring us that we weren't alone in our suffering, and some day we might even be proud of conquering it.



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